What Are the Different Classes of Structural Lumber?

When it comes to finding the right type of wood for construction projects, building supply companies will probably suggest that you use structural softwood lumber. But just like with hardwood, there are different classifications of structural lumber that may make your project more affordable or efficient. Here at Oswald Wholesale Lumber, we sell lumber near you at our building supply in Columbia, SC. Here’s what you need to know about the various classes of structural lumber.

How are these classes determined?

Classes of lumber allow woodworkers to know the flexability of the wood before they buy it and put it to use. This is important because different types of construction projects put different demands on the wood that is used. Appearance can sometimes play a role in the classification process, too.

What should you know about structural lumber classes?

In general, structural wood will fall under these different categories: light framing, structural light framing, structural joists and planks, beams and stingers, posts and timbers, and appearance framing.

Grading for structural lumber is first done by machinery, then later by experts. Most often, grading and classification revolves around the number of knots and knotholes a piece of structural lumber contains, as well as the thickness and size of the board.

Certain classifications are used for specific types of construction. For example, appearance framing structural lumber is used for things like paneling and siding. However, before you decide what you think will be the best structural lumber for your project, you should consult with a lumber professional first. The staff at our wholesale lumber yard will walk you through your project and help you choose which type of wood will be the best for your needs.

When you need lumber for any purpose, look for a place that sells lumber near you and that has the expertise to help you do the job right. Oswald Wholesale Lumber has a team of people to support you, no matter the size of your project. Our lumber specialists will be happy to help you find the exact wood you need for all of your construction projects.

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