Hardwood & Softwood Lumber–What’s the Difference?

If you’re a first-time lumber buyer in the Columbia and Lexington area of South Carolina, you may not realize that not all wood is the same. Lumber generally falls into one of two categories: hardwood or softwood. So what’s the difference between these two types? As a provider of lumber near you, Oswald Wholesale Lumber has the answer.

What Is Hardwood Lumber?

Hardwood lumber comes from hickory, oak, mahogany, maple, and walnut trees. This type of lumber is tough and is not easily dented. Since the trees used for this type of lumber take time to grow, supplies aren’t as plentiful. This means hardwood can be expensive, but it stands the test of time. This type of lumber is typically used for furniture, flooring, fine woodworking, and cabinetry.

What Is Softwood Lumber?

Softwood lumber is much softer to the touch. In fact, you may be able to dent it with your fingernail. This type of lumber is harvested from pine, fir, cedar, and spruce trees. While softwood absorbs moisture rather easily, it releases moisture slowly, too. With this in mind, softwood requires more delicate care and attention in order to maintain its integrity. You’ll usually find softwood being used for decks and house framing. This is partly due to the fact that softwood is generally cheaper than hardwood lumber.

Which Type of Lumber Should I Choose?

If you don’t know which option is best for your project, visit our building supply in Columbia, SC today. Locally-owned building supply and lumber companies like ours have extensive knowledge when it comes to the lumber we sell. Unlike many big box stores, our staff can advise you on which type of lumber will give you the best results.

Whenever you’re in need of hardwood or softwood lumber near you, call Oswald Wholesale Lumber. Our entire inventory of wholesale building supplies is just a short drive away from anywhere in Batesburg-Leesville, Columbia, Lexington, and surrounding areas of the South Carolina Midlands.

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