9 Frequently Found Lumber Defects

When it comes to construction projects, you want the best lumber for the job. Whether you wind up buying softwood or hardwood, quality is key. While you want to buy the best wholesale lumber near you, there will be some lumber defects you run into. What should you watch out for? Oswald Wholesale Lumber has nine lumber defects that are commonly found in a building supply’s inventory.

  1. Knots – Knots are a natural part of any wood. While some are fine, others will affect the wood’s quality. As a general rule, tight knots are fine but loose ones or knotholes are not.
  2. Splits – You don’t want lumber that has a single crack that starts at one end and extends to another. Don’t purchase split lumber pieces.
  3. Wanes – Wanes are bits of missing wood on the sides of the lumber. It also includes poorly trimmed wood. These defects can be tricky to catch, so inspect your lumber closely.
  4. Shakes – Similar to splits, shakes are separations on the grain between the growth rings. They usually run over the board’s face and underneath.
  5. Cups – If a piece of lumber is cupped, the board is curved across the face.
  6. Bows – Bows are similar to cups except they run from one end to another.
  7. Twists – Twists are warps in which the ends of a board are turned in opposite directions.
  8. Crooks – Crooks are warps that bow out from end to end. These are sometimes calle crowns.
  9. Checks – Checks are similar to shakes and splits. These are cracks that run across the growth rings. However, they don’t run through the whole board.

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