What Do Lumber Stamps Mean?

Shopping for lumber near you sounds like a simple task. However, there’s a lot that goes into the process of getting wood from the forest to our building supply in Columbia, SC. Besides the different types of lumber and the different classes, lumber stamps give you important information about the wood you’re about to buy. If you’ve ever wondered what these symbols mean, Oswald Wholesale Lumber has the answers.

All About Lumber Stamps

Lumber stamps are designed to give you a quick, at-a-glance summary of the type of wood you’re looking at. It also proves that each piece of wood has gone through the standardized grading process.

  • Stand & BTR – This means that the wood as standard and better for light framing. While it meets the standards, it could also be considered constructon grade.
  • S-DRY – An S-DRY stamp on your lumber means that the wood met surfaced dry standards and had a moisture level of less than 19%.
  • Triangle – The triangle stamp will tell you the type of wood your lumber was made from. For example, if you see D-FIR inside the triangle, it means that the wood came from a Douglas Fir.

No Stamp? Ask for Help.

If you’re ever shopping for lumber near you and see wood that’s not stamped, ask why. In most cases, lumber should be stamped as it’s produced at a sawmill. The experts who work there have the training to assess the wood’s defects and strength. This process serves as an important measure of quality assurance. You’ll have confidence that you’re buying the right type of wood and that it will hold up over time.

If you have a building project and aren’t sure which type of lumber you need, don’t worry! At Oswald Wholesale Lumber, our locally owned building supply company and lumber yard is staffed by experts who can help. Stop by to check out all of our wholesale building supplies.

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