What Is Pressure-Treated Lumber?

If you’re shopping for lumber near you, there’s no doubt that you want to buy only the highest quality wood. But when it comes to softwood lumber, many people wonder how it will perform after it’s exposed to the elements. Pressure-treated softwood lumber addresses those concerns. If you’re wondering what makes pressure-treated lumber different, Oswald Wholesale Lumber has the answer.

What is pressure-treated softwood lumber?

While softwood is great for many uses, it’s often vulnerable to moisture problems, such as rotting and fungus growth. Lumber companies discovered a way to eliminate these concerns: they applied chemical treatments that made the wood more durable. Once lumber has been treated with these chemicals, it is classified as pressure-treated lumber. You’ll frequently see pressure-treated lumber used for picnic tables, swings, decks, and other exposed outdoor uses. You can tell if lumber is pressure-treated because it typically has a greenish tint. It also feels a little damp compared to other types of lumber.

The pressure-treating process

The process is fairly straightforward. First, the freshly cut lumber is placed in a sealed tank or container. Next, the air is sucked out of the tank, allowing the pores to open up. Chemicals are then applied to the lumber using a high-pressure spray. Finally, the lumber is set aside to dry.

Handling pressure-treated lumber

If you’re buying pressure-treated lumber, you need to be cautious when handling it. The chemicals used in this process are considered pesticides by the EPA. Never use this type of wood for mulch, compost, or firewood. After holding pressure-treated lumber, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly. If you’re concerned about the chemicals, don’t be afraid to ask lumber experts about the best ways to use this type of lumber for your projects.

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