What Is Softwood Lumber?

Before you start any building project, it’s essential that you get the right type of wood. As a local provider of lumber near you, Oswald Wholesale Lumber wants to make sure you know the differences before you buy. Here’s some helpful information from our building supply in Columbia, SC.

What Is Softwood Lumber?

Softwood lumber is much more pliable and flexible than hardwood. It comes from pine, fir, cedar, and spruce trees and it tends to absorbs and retain water easily. Make sure you use special care when using softwood since it can be easily dented or damaged. All in all, softwood is a more inexpensive building material than hardwood.

What Are the Types of Softwood Lumber?

Depending on what you’re doing, you might need different types of softwood lumber. Softwood lumber falls into three categories: structural, yard, and shop and factory. You can usually find all three types wherever you buy wholesale building supplies.

  • Structural – Structural softwood lumber is the main type of wood used in construction projects, including house framing. Generally, structural softwood comes in “two-by…” lumber sizes.
  • Yard – This type of softwood is used for smaller building and construction projects. There are two different types of yard lumber, common and select. For general woodworking pieces, many people choose common yard lumber. For finer wood projects, you may be better off using select yard lumber.
  • Shop and Factory – Shop and factory lumber is mainly used for remanufacturing purposes. More specifically, it’s used for non-structural projects, such as boxes, doors, pencils, and ladders.

While there are only two main categories of lumber – hardwood and softwood – you can see that there are many other distinctions to consider.  Oswald Wholesale Lumber is the expert to call for wholesale lumber near you. Call or visit our building supply in Columbia,  Batesburg-Leesville, and Lexington, SC.

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